About us

Descriptive Domains was started April 1998 with the intention of securing easy to remember descriptive domains for future development. A couple years later we started to buy expired domains as people lost faith in the internet after the dot com bubble burst and many great names became available.

Since that time we have developed a portion of our names or have formed partnerships with others who develop and market them. We also lease many of our names long term through our web site

At this point we realize many of the names we acquired over the years no longer fit into our long term strategy so if you are looking for a great domain for your business we just may have it. Feel free to browse the categories menu on the left sidebar and contact us if you have any questions.

It has been over twenty years since we acquired our first domain name and in that time we have seen internet usage explode going from less then 30% of the US population using the web in 1998 to almost 80% in 2010. The internet is here to stay and descriptive domains are and will be a very important asset for businesses and individuals for the foreseeable future.